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International Website Design without coding web301 (Continue reading ...)

This course will be a real world example where you will design a prominent website for your country, or a substantial section of such a website if there are more participants from your country. The course will cover content creation, marketing communications concepts, overview of analytics, image manipulation, website delivery, linking to some other resources and the importance of websites as part of internet presence. The course should be both fun and useful.

Your success will be evaluated using analytics, your teacher and fellow students.

The course will start as soon as we have the right number of participants.

Course fees will be kept to a minimum between Euro 900 and 1800 depending on your ability to get some sponsorship from companies or your government.

The course is for anyone who wants to approach website development from a content and marketing communication standpoint.

After the course the website you create will remain in our possession and most probably online and you will be empowered to create websites on your own.

If you are interested please fill in the form below and put web301 as the course you are interested in.

You can view an example of a draft website at